>Writing & Delivering a Speech (Grade 5)


Writing a Speech

So the process has begun … it’s that time of year again in my classroom: We are starting the  process that will lead up to the school’s “Public Speaking Competition”.

As we embark on this rather daunting adventure there are a few general concepts that I try to keep in mind … and share repeatedly with my students. A few of these ideas are as follows:

(A) The Recipe:
There is a recipe to be followed when writing a speech:

1.  The Headline – To hook or catch the audience’s attention – to tell them what your are going to be talking about. 

2.  The Main Body – Main facts and supporting details

3.  The Echo – To revisit your Headline. 

(B) How to Introduce & Conclude Your Speech:

1. Introduction
- Share a story
- Share a surprising/shocking statistic 
- Ask a question, share a riddle
- Cite a popular quotation

2. Conclusion:
- A quote
- A profound thought or statement
- leave the audience with a question or a challenge
- A summary
- A literary device
- Encourage a smile, share a joke

(C) Delivering a Speech: Some Tips:

- Remember, as my father always said, “You are the expert!”. Be confident! 

- Be natural – be you! Let your personality shine through! “How” the speech is delivered is certainly as important as what’s being said!

- Take your time – speak at a natural pace – don’t rush

- Speak clearly – Enunciate every word

- Stand tall – use deliberate gestures (but don’t over do it!)

- Avoid reading from your notes. Make eye contact – engage your audience.

- If you make a mistake just move on … No one else knows that you have made a mistake! Just keep it your little secret.

- Don’t chew gum!

- Don’t fidget!

- Dress the part.

- Enjoy being the centre of attention

P.S. A a teacher I also save some of the speeches from years gone by to share with my students. I also show videos of individuals (children and adults) delivering speeches on the Smartboard (you can find many examples on YouTube!). I try to do this daily.

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3 responses to “>Writing & Delivering a Speech (Grade 5)

  1. Very good post. Appreciate it.

  2. Very useful tips!
    Resheen Ramsamy
    Grade 5

  3. Glad you found it useful! (& thanks for saying so) ;-)

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